Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a PAWN?

    A pawn is the act of offering something of value as security for a loan of money.

    Example: A person wants to borrow $100 in cash and offers a wristwatch as security for the loan. The wristwatch is held as collateral until the loan is paid back.

  • What is the difference between a PAWN and SELLING an item?

    A pawn provides the opportunity to get the item back. A sale is final.

  • Can I get more money for my stuff if I BORROW rather than SELL?

    In most cases more money is given for selling an item.

  • Is there a finance charge for a PAWN?

    A finance charge is due every 30 days. The amount of this charge is determined by the dollar amount of the loan. A loan of $50 requires a payback of $62.50 to reclaim the item used as collateral. A loan of $100 requires $120. Conditions do apply.

  • How long do I have to pay back a loan?

    The maturity date for the Pawn is 30 days after the pawn transaction date.

  • What happens if I forget or can’t pay on the Maturity Date?

    If the loan is not paid in full on the Maturity Date, 2 options are available:

    1. The first month’s finance charge can be paid extending the loan an additional 30 days.
    2. Do nothing. The loan continues for another 30 days to the Pawn Default Date but now 2 months of finance charges are due.

  • How long can I keep extending my Pawn?

    As long as extension payments are made, the Pawn can continue indefinitely.

  • What items do you consider for Pawn or Purchase?

    Gold jewelry, diamonds, coins, watches, televisions, stereo equipment, professional audio, tools, gaming systems, iPod,  iPhone, iPad, tablets, personal computers: Windows and MAC, musical instruments and accessories, etc.

    Have an item you want to know about? Contact us.

  • Do you do car title loans?

    We do not.

  • Can you tell me the loan value of my items over the phone?

    Generally, we can give a “ballpark” loan range or purchase value over the phone; however, we do not make offers over the phone. The item(s) need to be present before any offer can be made.

  • Pawn Default Date, what now?

    After 60 days, the Pawn needs to be paid in full; or, finances charges (2 months) can be paid current extending the loan an additional 30 days.

    However, if no action is taken, the loan is defaulted.  The item(s) in Pawn is LOST and ownership transferred to the pawnbroker.

  • If I am not able to personally reclaim my pawn can someone else do it for me?

    Yes. You are able to authorize someone else to reclaim your pawn. This authorization can be made at the time of the pawn or at a later date. However, authorization to add or remove someone cannot be made over the phone and must be done in person.

    Anyone can pay the extension or reclaim cost of your pawn. Only you or the person you authorized can pick up the pawned item(s).

  • Do you accept credit cards for pawn payments?

    No. Pawn payments must be made with cash or debit.